Monthly Archives: January 2016

Child and a wrestler

One psychoanalyst was trying some experiment. He announced in the newspapers, “I will pay enough money if somebody is ready to come to my house and just follow my child for the whole day. Whatever my child does, you have to do that.” A young wrestler turned up and he said, “I am ready; where […]

What type of men were these?

I was just reading an anecdote…. One school teacher told the famous story of the elephant and the five blind men to his children — but he didn’t mention the word blind. He wanted to give them an opportunity to find that out for themselves. So he told the whole story — that five men […]

You cannot hide it from yourself

You can hide something from others but you cannot hide it from yourself, and it is there that God is hiding. It is not in the object, it is in the subject itself. There is a sufi story…. Two disciples came to a master; they wanted to attain to truth. The master gave each of […]

The false has all arguments in its favor.

Always remember that all that is really true is beyond the argument. The false has all arguments in its favor. Have you heard the famous story? — that there is a wall between heaven and hell. God was very disturbed because the wall had not been repaired for centuries and He wanted the devil to […]

Put your hands on the top of your heads.

I haven come across a very beautiful Zen story. Listen to it attentively; it is YOUR story. Behind a temple there was a field where a lot of squashes were ripening. One day a fight started. Now, you know, squashes are squashes… a great fight. The squashes split into two groups and made a big racket shouting […]

I would have given moon if possible

There is a story of a zen monk who was a master and night a thief entered the hut, but there was nothing there to steal. The master became very worried about what the thief would think. He had come at least four or five miles out of the town, and on such a dark […]