Condition for initiation

Two disciples came to a Master, they wanted to be initiated. 

The Master gave one parrot to each and told the disciples to go to an absolutely lonely place where nobody is watching, and kill the parrot, and come back.

The first came back within minutes. He went outside the house, went behind the house, looked — there was nobody — killed the parrot came back. The Master said, “Wait. Let the other one come back too.”

Days passed, months passed, and then years passed. After three years the other man came back with the parrot still alive.

He said, “Take your parrot back. If this is a condition for initiation it is impossible to fulfill. I searched in every possible way: I went into the mountains, I went into dark caves, underground caves, but it is impossible.”

The Master said, “Why is it impossible?”

He said, “I was present, the parrot was not alone — one thing. I closed my eyes, I blindfolded myself, I put the parrot behind me, but the parrot was present! I drugged the parrot, I made the parrot unconscious, but then suddenly I became aware that God is present and he is present everywhere. I have tried hard for three years; I could not find a place where he is not. So please take your parrot back. I am sorry — I have failed.”

The Master laughed and said, “You have succeeded; the first one has failed!”

He told the first one, “Get out, get lost! You are simply stupid. It will take lives for you to understand what I have to teach.” But to the other he said, “You are accepted, you are welcomed. This was a test — you have passed it.”

There is no need to go anywhere to find God; he is everywhere.

And the way to honour him is to love life and to love all that life contains.

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*“Don’t Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself”*

Talks given from 01/8/79 to 30/9/79

A Darshan Diary


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