Little bit of heaven

ONCE SOME HUNTERS went deep into a dark forest and found a hut in which a hermit was praying
before a wooden cross. His face shone with happiness.
”Good afternoon, Brother. May God give us a good afternoon. You look very happy.”
”I am always happy.”
”You are happy living in this lonely hut doing penance? We have everything and are not happy.
Where did you find happiness?”
”I found it here in this cave. Look through that hole and you will catch a glimpse of my happiness.”
And he showed them a small window.
”You have deceived us, for all we can see is some branches of a tree.”
”Take another look.”
”All we see are some branches and a little bit of sky.”
”That,” said the hermit, ”is the reason for my happiness – just a little bit of heaven.”

Bliss is man’s intrinsic nature. It has not to be attained, it has only to be re-discovered.

Osho – Secret of Secrets

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