You have stolen my heart💓

Let me tell you a Zen anecdote about a burglar who entered the house of a Zen master to rob him.

The master not only made no move to stop him, but aided him in his search, suggesting things he might take.

The burglar, wondering what kind of man this was who would help himself to be robbed, took the possessions, but was hailed by the Zen master as he made off. The master said the thief should thank him — which he did, leaving more mystified than ever!

In due course the thief was captured, but pardoned when the Zen master, called as a witness, said he had given the things to the man and had been duly thanked….

So the thief was released. He followed the master and the master said ‘Where are you going? If you are coming to take something, please give me a few days!’

The thief says ‘I am coming forever! You have robbed me — you have stolen my heart.’

So it is not that a man of trust cannot be deceived, but he will not take it as deception. His compassion will remain the same, his love will flow the same way.

Trust is the greatest quality. When a man is in trust, trust-full, he is religious.

Osho: For Madmen Only (Price of Admission: Your Mind)

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