One who gave it has taken it back

There was a mystic, Hassein, who had a very beautiful son — a very very intelligent and talented boy. Everybody loved the boy, but one day he suddenly died. He was just twenty and almost the whole town was in love with the boy.

Hassein looked at the corpse and never cried. Not even a single tear came to his eyes; rather, he started laughing.

People could not believe it. They asked, “What has happened? Have you gone mad? Has the shock been too much?’”

He said, “No, it is not the shock. I was feeling very very unhappy, miserable, and then suddenly I remembered that when this child was not there I was perfectly happy. I was alone and this boy was not with me, and there was no problem. I never missed him when he was not there. Now he is gone again, and I am again in the same position. A dream is over, and the one who gave it to me has taken it back. Who am I to say it is not good?”

So always feel grateful.

From wherever you find some source of happiness, feel grateful, but don’t expect that tomorrow that source will be available or should be available. Otherwise you will fight for it.

Osho – Get out of your own way (Darshan diary)

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