Monthly Archives: October 2020

God save me, but not right now

People who teach complex ways simply show that they have not known God — because God needs no expertise. And people who teach complex ways have a reason to teach complex ways :so that they always can say to you `If you are not doing the thing rightly, how can you hope to attain?’ Have […]

Wisdom of madmen!

I remember a beautiful story: When India was partitioned into India and Pakistan, on the border there was a madhouse. Obviously nobody was interested in that madhouse — thousands of mad people — but it had to be somewhere. The superintendent of the madhouse called a meeting of all the mad people and asked ,”You […]

A monkey came to Buddha.

A monkey came to Buddha, and he was no ordinary monkey. He was a king, a king of monkeys — that means absolutely a monkey.The monkey said to Buddha, “I would like to become a Buddha.” Buddha said, “I have never heard of anybody having ever become a Buddha while remaining a monkey.The monkey said, […]

Who is the master ?

There is a Sufi story‚ĶJunaid was going through the market-place of the town with his disciples.And it was his way to take any situation and use it. A man was dragging his cow by a rope, and Junaid said ‘Wait’ to the man, and told his disciples ‘Surround this man and the cow. I am […]

The man with the inexplicable life

There was once a man named Mojud. He lived in a town where he had obtained a post as a small official, and it seemed likely that he would end his days as Inspector of weights and measures. One day when he was walking through the gardens of an ancient building near his home, Khidr, […]