Wisdom of madmen!

I remember a beautiful story:

When India was partitioned into India and Pakistan, on the border there was a madhouse. Obviously nobody was interested in that madhouse — thousands of mad people — but it had to be somewhere. The superintendent of the madhouse called a meeting of all the mad people and asked ,”You raise your hands whether you want to go to India or you want to go to Pakistan.” They said, “We want to live here. We don’t want to go anywhere.”

The superintendent tried hard, “You will not be going anywhere, you will remain here.” But the madmen could not understand. “If we will remain here then what’s the problem? Then why are you asking, `Who wants to go to India and who wants to go to Pakistan?’ We are all friends and we want to remain

The superintendent could not explain to them the idea that their madhouse would belong to India, or it would belong to Pakistan. They said, “It does not matter. What is the problem? Why are you so worried?” Finally it was decided that these people were not going to understand anything, so it was better to divide the madhouse into two parts. A wall was raised in the middle, and half the madhouse remained in India and half the madhouse became part of Pakistan.

I have heard that still the mad people climb on the wall from both sides and laugh at the whole matter, saying, “We are where we used to be. What happened to that going to India,'going to Pakistan’? Nobody has gone anywhere, and unnecessarily they have created this wall!” Small things go on keeping the human mind involved, so it cannot tackle the real problems.

Osho – The Razor’s Edge

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