God save me, but not right now

People who teach complex ways simply show that they have not known God — because God needs no expertise. And people who teach complex ways have a reason to teach complex ways :so that they always can say to you `If you are not doing the thing rightly, how can you hope to attain?’

Have you heard a beautiful story of Khalil Gibran?..

A man used to move from town to town. He was a great teacher and he used to say to people, Come and follow me, and I will show you the way to God.’ But people were engaged. They had so many thousands of things to do and they would say,We worship you, we respect you, and one day we are coming to follow you — but right now it is difficult.’ Nobody is ready now — that’s why so many pseudo-Masters can exist. Saint Augustine, in his confessions says: I used to pray to God when I was young, “God save me, but not right now. Save me but not right now” — because I was indulging in so many things,’ he says,and I wanted to enjoy all that is available. So this was not to be heard immediately. I was saying the prayer because it has to be said formally, but I would always say, “Save me Lord, but not right now.”‘

So this preacher went from town to town, and people would say, Not right now. We will come one day.’ And he was very happy because nobody ever followed him and there was no trouble. A madman one day said,Okay, I am coming.’ He became a little afraid, but he said — he was a very clever and cunning man — he said, Come.’ And he would give him such complex procedures as are almost impossible to do. But the man was really mad. He would do them, and even this teacher could not find any fault. And the man continued. The teacher was thinking he would get fed-up sooner or later. One year passed, two years passed, and he would say,When?’ The disciple was too much! — and he would ask again and again,`Now, what else to do?’ And he was doing everything! Even the Master became afraid — now he could not think what else to say for him to do, and he was doing EVERYTHING.

Six years passed, and one day the disciple said, How long is it still? I am ready to do anything but you are not giving me anything.’ He said,Listen: the truth is, in your company I have lost my own way. I used to know where he is, but since you have come…. You just have mercy on me and leave me.’

Complex procedures have been invented by cunning people. First nobody is ready to do them; good — the pseudo-Master can exist, because his techniques will never be put to any experimentation. Second if somebody tries to do it, they are so complex that it can always be said that you are not doing them rightly.They are so complex that you cannot trust yourself and you are always afraid that something may go wrong. But a real Master will give you very simple techniques — anybody of average intelligence, of average health, can do them.

Osho – Devine Melody

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