Load on the head

I have heard…

A person boarded a train and took a seat, but the bag he carried with him remained sitting on his head. His fellow travelers were surprised and asked him why he was still keeping his bag on his head. The man said he did not want to add to the burden of the train which was already over-loaded.

The fellow travelers were amused, and one of them said to him, “You seem to be a crazy person. Even if you carry the load on your head it is going to be a load on the train. Why carry an unnecessary burden on your head? Isn’t it stupid?”

The man burst into laughter and said, “I had thought you were householders, but you all seem to be sannyasins.” This man was a real sannyasin. He said,

“I carry the bag on my head in order to conform to the ways of the world. I wonder why you laugh at me? I see all of you carrying the burden of the world on your heads, although you know that like this train it is God who bears all our burdens. I just wanted to conform to your ways.”

And then the man not only put the bag down on the train, but seated himself on it saying, “This is the right way a sannyasin should sit. He is not a doer; everything just happens.”

One who understands the beauty of non-action enters the state of inaction which is acting without ego. As we are, we are all doers, and all our doings are egocentric.

Krishna The man and his Philosophy

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