This site contains ancient stories retold by Osho during the course of his discourses. To know more about Osho and to meditate, explore any of the following sites








  1. i found this site because i was looking for lao tse stories. after reading one i could not stop.
    thank you.

    1. Thank you.. I am glad you enjoyed it

  2. HI. i read one story in your blog about a boat or ship and people get off and some come back to go on with the journey others spend more time a do come back. others carry things “shells“ with them others don’t come back at all. later the shell will harm those who took them …
    I can’t find the story anymore. can you please help me.

    1. Hey Eric…

      Don’t remember any story on those lines….If it was added long ago, even I might have forgotten 🙂 are you sure you saw on this site ? What was the message ?

  3. Thanks a ton for creating a website like this. I really love this.
    I’ll be posting one story a day from this site to my quora blog. Will this be alright with you 🙂

  4. I have re-blogged one of the stories “Golden leaves” in order to initiate comments and views of visitors or readers of it. This is done so as to promote a healthy conversation among those who has derived some message(s) from it.

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