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Old Master and a tiger cub

Just the other day I was reading one of Ramakrishna’s parables. I love it. I read it again and again whenever I come across it. It is the whole story of the Master being a catalytic agent. The story is: A tigress died while giving birth to a cub, and the cub was brought up […]

Real Freedom

I have heard…. Once Diogenes was caught by a few people, robbers. Diogenes was a very healthy mystic. In the West, he seems to be the only person who can be compared to Mahavira in the East. He used to live naked, and he had a beautiful body. It is said that even Alexander was […]

Seduced by a monk!!

One day one of Buddha’s sannyasins was passing through a street where he had gone to beg. The most beautiful woman of that town, the prostitute of the town, fell in love with the monk. She came down out of her house and requested the monk to come and reside with her. And soon the […]

Condition for initiation

Two disciples came to a Master, they wanted to be initiated.  The Master gave one parrot to each and told the disciples to go to an absolutely lonely place where nobody is watching, and kill the parrot, and come back. The first came back within minutes. He went outside the house, went behind the house, […]

What type of men were these?

I was just reading an anecdote…. One school teacher told the famous story of the elephant and the five blind men to his children — but he didn’t mention the word blind. He wanted to give them an opportunity to find that out for themselves. So he told the whole story — that five men […]

You cannot hide it from yourself

You can hide something from others but you cannot hide it from yourself, and it is there that God is hiding. It is not in the object, it is in the subject itself. There is a sufi story…. Two disciples came to a master; they wanted to attain to truth. The master gave each of […]

The false has all arguments in its favor.

Always remember that all that is really true is beyond the argument. The false has all arguments in its favor. Have you heard the famous story? — that there is a wall between heaven and hell. God was very disturbed because the wall had not been repaired for centuries and He wanted the devil to […]

Jim, I knew you would come.

Life is beautiful only when there is love. Love is a higher value than life… a greater value than life. Life can be sacrificed to love, but love cannot be sacrificed to life. Leslie Weatherhead tells the story of the second world war. Two soldiers were very friendly, great friends. One evening one soldier comes […]

Seeing Tozan

I was reading about a Zen master, Tozan — a very famous Zen master.

Surprise me!!

A Hassid Master was dying. He was a very extraordinary human being, of great innocence and joy. He loved to laugh and dance and sing; that’s the way of the Hassids. Jews don’t think well of them; they think they are untraditional, in fact anti-traditional, but that’s how real spiritual beings have always been treated […]