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Let him be as god wishes.

There is a story from Junnaid’s life. Junnaid came to stay at a new village. He was a Sufi fakir, a great fakir. His next door neighbor was a mischievous man, a troublemaker. For three or four days he watched, until it became more than he could endure. One dusk he was praying, bowing on […]

Enlightenment and compassion

As soon as a person becomes capable of knowing himself, a unique energy — which is the greatest energy in this world and the greatest miracle — is achieved by him. The miracle is: he can be when he wishes, and he can not be when he wishes. He can come into existence when he […]

A Zen Butcher

There is nothing profane in the world, nothing sacred in the world. The world is neutral. Now it depends on you what you want to make of it. Meditation makes it sacred; then every act becomes meditative. I am reminded of a butcher in Japan who was considered to be a great master — and […]

Birds are meant to fly

  Just the other day I was reading about a Hassid mystic, Zusia. He is one of the most beautiful Hassid mystics. He was going into the hills, and he saw many birds, caught by a man, in a cage. Zusia opened the cage — because birds are meant to fly — and all the […]