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Disappear in Dance

  One Sufi mystic was so full of love, and so full of joy — his whole life was laughter, music, dancing. And the story says God became very interested in him because he never asked anything, he never prayed. His whole life was a prayer, there was no need to pray. He never went […]

The greatest miracle

  When powers start happening in your spiritual growth, the greatest courage is needed not to show them. It is said of a disciple of Rinzai, a Zen Master, that some other religious Master’s disciple was talking to him and the other Master’s disciple said, ‘Our Master is a man of miracles. He can do […]

Miracle of Trust

In Tibet, there is a beautiful story about Marpa. It may not be factual, but it is tremendously significant. I don’t care much about facts. My emphasis is on the significance and the truth, which is a totally different thing. Marpa heard about a master. He was searching and he went to the master, he […]