I was reading about a Zen master, Tozan — a very famous Zen master.

A man who had all his life been very pious, and had prayed to God continually at least ten hours a day, died, and unlike his miserable brother, who was an atheist, he died miserable and broke. His wife had left him, his partner had cheated him, his house had burned down, and his children […]

SINCE THERE IS REALLY NO SUCH THING AS MIND, WITH WHAT ENLIGHTENMENT SHALL IT BE ENLIGHTENED?  – Ikkyu A story: ZEN MASTER: “I have here a staff, and yet I don’t have a staff. How would you explain that?” Jewish novice: “I wouldn’t!” Master: “Now, don’t be impertinent! It is incumbent on you — if […]

A Hassid Master was dying. He was a very extraordinary human being, of great innocence and joy. He loved to laugh and dance and sing; that’s the way of the Hassids. Jews don’t think well of them; they think they are untraditional, in fact anti-traditional, but that’s how real spiritual beings have always been treated […]

Always remember: the person who is Not Humble is NOT yet certain about himself. There is a very famous Eastern story…. A blind man is sitting under a tree. A king comes, he touches the feet of the blind man and says, ‘Sir, where is the way to the capital?’ Then the prime minister of […]

Let me tell you another story, again from the Chhandogya Upanishad. “Fetch me from a fruit of the nyagrodh tree,” asked the father, the great sage Uddalak, to his son. “Here is one, sir,” said Svetaketu. “Break it.” “It is broken, sir.” “What do you see there?” “These seeds, almost infinitesimal.” “Break one of them.” […]

Mulla Nasruddin and two other saints went for a pilgrimage to Mecca. They were passing through a village, it was the last phase of their journey. Their money was almost finished; just a little bit was left. They purchased a certain sweet called halva, but it was not enough for all the three and they […]


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