Do good and throw it in the well

There are people, they feel very unfortunate because whatsoever they do goes wrong. And they try not to do wrong again, but that’s not going to help because the center has to be changed. Their minds function in a wrong way. They may think that they are doing good, but they will do bad. With all their good wishes, they cannot help; they are helpless.

Mulla Nasruddin used to visit a saint. He visited for many, many days. And the saint was a silent one; he will not speak anything. Then Mulla Nasruddin had to say, he had to ask, “I have been coming again and again, waiting that you will say something, and you have not said anything. And unless you say, I cannot understand, so just give me a message for my life, a direction so that I can move in that direction.”

So that Sufi sage said, “NEKI KAR KUYEN MAY DAL: Do good and throw it in the well.” It is one of the oldest Sufi sayings: “Do good and throw it in the well.” It means do good and forget it immediately; don’t carry that “I have done good.”

So next day Mulla Nasruddin helped one old woman to cross the road, and then he pushed her into the well.
“NEKI KAR KUYEN MAY DAL: DO good and throw it in the well.”

If your wrong center is functioning, whatsoever you do…

Osho – Yoga the Alpha and the Omega

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